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Internet and intranet based portals with CMS technology and interactive modules.

Our web site solutions use CMS (Content Management System) technologies. Besides the standard content management we provide several optional modules to enhance services on your site.

With the extension modules your clients may get additional services or in an intranet solution your employees may get a uniform interface for their everyday tasks.

Our J2EE powered solution also makes it easy to integrate enterprise services and provide a web interface for users!

User Management, Access Control

Manage you clients in a distinguished way. Provide targeted information by using the User Management Module. You may extend your site with page level access control and with additional modules you may achieve even finer grains of control. Create resources, groups and users with your on-line adminstrative interface. Extend with LDAP or other directory services.

Interactive Modules

We provide several base interactive modules that enhance communication with your client.
Besides the base modules our form designer component and input processing technology provides a rapid development tool for new interactive services.

Intranet based Enterprise Applications

By using our rapid development tools and utilising the J2EE architecture it is possible to integrate your existing enterprise services or develop new web applications.